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Posted 4 months ago by Mark Day

I have a 19 month old border collie dog for sale. He runs out fetches and drives. Can also shed. He is ready to go...

 Fully Trained Sheepdogs /  Northumberland / 194 views


Posted 4 months ago by HIGHPEAKSD

Knockmaa Gary 2013 Born World reknowed breeding. Fully trained succesfull open trial/work dog. Easy to handle voice/whistle. Numerous open trial wins/placings. ( eligible points )...

 Fully Trained Sheepdogs /  Derbyshire / 490 views



Posted 8 months ago by Alan Jones

Very promising young registered bitch,voice commands ,good temperment,used to travel,rides on quad

 Fully Trained Sheepdogs /  Gwynedd / 585 views


Posted 1 month ago by Elin Hope

Fully trained dog, will make an excellent farm dog or trial dog. Works on voice and whistle commands. Excellent temperament. Rides on the bike and...

 Fully Trained Sheepdogs /  Ceredigion / 115 views

Posted 2 months ago by Cameron Mcclements

Jock,3 year old borders collie strong eyed ,reg, works off both hands, good stop,good drive .he has worked 2 lambing season, work big flock and...

 Fully Trained Sheepdogs /  Fife / 315 views


Posted 4 months ago by Daniel Worthington

Blairmore Lad ISDS registered 16 months old and working very well. Very big out running dog with plenty of stamina. Lad has been doing every...

 Fully Trained Sheepdogs /  Caithness / 154 views


Posted 6 months ago by Fiona Cahoon

Registered dog for sale 19mths Sire Ricky Hutchinson’s jock Dam I.Wilkie’s Floss G-Sire R.Hutchinson’s sweep G-Dam I.Brownlee’s Mo Ideal nursery dog Plenty power Works both...

 Fully Trained Sheepdogs /  Aberdeenshire / 315 views


Posted 7 months ago by Mark Keith

Looking for a trained collie dog, not too concerned about age but must be quiet and work to both whistle and voice commands.

 Fully Trained Sheepdogs /  Highland / 205 views


Posted 7 months ago by David Nevin

Trained ISDS Registered bitch Meg. DOB 26- December -2017 Sire is Dean Aitkens Buzz See Megs pedigree in pictures. Meg is a quality bitch. Suitable...

 Fully Trained Sheepdogs /  Isle of Anglesey / 378 views

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