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Posted 5 months ago by Rachel Cartmel

Deke is a started young dog, he is around 11 months and a blank canvas for someone to get stuck into and train. I have...

 Part Trained Sheepdogs /  Cumbria / 489 views


Posted 5 months ago by sean mynard

14mth kelpie bitch,just started and going nicely at hand,plenty in her and will make a nice kind bitch

 Part Trained Sheepdogs /  Northamptonshire / 288 views


Posted 4 days ago by Peg Anderson

Good outrunner. Easy worked, sensible. Practical, gets on with the job. Needs a bit more experience, but is already quite handy around the farm. £2500....

 Part Trained Sheepdogs /  Midlothian / 706 views


Posted 4 days ago by Chloe Cropper

NIRO Ron Isds registered Out of trial winners. Easy handle, ready to take on, great with children and other dogs. Jumps in to pickup. Transport...

 Part Trained Sheepdogs /  Argyll & Bute / 89 views


Posted 3 weeks ago by sean mynard

12mth dog part trained, will be registered, nice young dog going well at hand, plenty in him and should make a useful work dog

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Posted 2 months ago by Sarah stone

Isds young bitch out of trialling /working parents. Showing interest in sheep. Very lively friendly pup. Passport and transport can have arranged. Currently in country...

 Part Trained Sheepdogs /  East Riding of Yorkshire / 90 views


Posted 4 months ago by Christine Pugh

Lad is a super started ISDS registered sheepdog. He knows all the basics of working sheep and now needs a new and understanding setting where...

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Posted 5 months ago by Sam Potts

Jack is 15 months old smooth coated B&W pricked eared dog. He is on his sides and fetching sheep nicely. He now needs work to...

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Posted 5 months ago by Dyfed Davies

DUKE 6 months old huntaway dog Good noise with plenty of interest Blank Canvas ready to start proper training Will be good dog only selling...

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Posted 5 months ago by Gareth Davies

DOB: 01.12.2017 ISDS Registered Sire: Tanhill Alex (LN Watkins) Dam: Gwen (WG Davies) Friendly, used to children and other dogs. Fully vaccinated

 Part Trained Sheepdogs /  Ceredigion / 221 views


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