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Posted 5 months ago by sean mynard

14mth kelpie bitch,just started and going nicely at hand,plenty in her and will make a nice kind bitch

 Part Trained Sheepdogs /  Northamptonshire / 288 views


sold Kelpie dog


Posted 5 months ago by sean mynard

2.5yr kelpie dog, works well in yards or field, easy to handle and work's well from truck or bike, experienced with lorry work doesn't bark...

 Fully Trained Sheepdogs /  Northamptonshire / 334 views


Posted 3 weeks ago by sean mynard

12mth dog part trained, will be registered, nice young dog going well at hand, plenty in him and should make a useful work dog

 Part Trained Sheepdogs /  Northamptonshire / 136 views


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